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Join SAIL for a unique collection of workshops developed for and by individuals who are aware of both the satisfactions and challenges of aging. This dynamic collection is a testament to SAIL’s promotion of sharing active, independent lives! 


Workshops will be offered periodically throughout the year and are open to all SAIL members and the general public. SAIL members receive a discounted rate; non-members may apply the fee toward SAIL membership if desired.

Register for events by clicking the button in the description, or by calling SAIL at 608-230-4321! 



Embracing Change - All of It!
Date: Wednesday, June 22
10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 
Oakwood Village Nakoma/Westmorland Room, 6205 Mineral Point Rd.
Cost: Full members - $20; Associate members - $30; Nonmember - $40

Workshop Content: Have you ever wondered..."How should I handle those future events that I don't want to think about or that I feel unprepared for?" Downsizing, moving, physical changes, losses, making new friends, and family changes can all be tough topics to approach. "How do I handle life's curve balls?"
In this workshop, you will reflect on what aging and independence mean to you and learn skills to help you grab opportunity, rethink challenges, and approach aging head on - a great first step if you're feeling unprepared for what lies ahead. Key points include: learning how people often respond to common life changes, understanding how we can think about change in the context of our own live, and applying tools and strategies to thrive.

Workshop Leader: Dr. Kristin Litzelman is an associate professor in the School of Human Ecology and a state-specialist for the Division of Extension at the UW-Madison. She holds a PhD in Population Health Sciences from the UW-Madison. Her work centers around supporting families through transitions across their life course including health, caregiving, and aging. She is interested in helping older adults and their families adapt and thrive at every age, with a focus on older adults aging on their own terms.

Register by calling 608-230-4321 or clicking the link below. Space is limited. 

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Additional workshops in the series include: 

Aging 101: What is Normal and How Do I Proact to It?
Dr. Alexis Eastman is a faculty member in the Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. Her presentation will help us understand that aging doesn't mean disease, nor does growing older mean we will become frail.

Embracing Change - All of it!
We've experienced lots of change in our lifetimes. Through presentation, discussion, and self-reflection, Dr. Kristin Litzelman will help you start thinking differently about change and introduce some tools and strategies to help you plan, adapt, and thrive.

Life's a Daring Adventure - Carpe Vitam!
This workshop, led by Mary Helen Conroy and Galen Metz, is for persons looking to review, retreat, and reinvent their lives. If you're revisiting your personal goals or wondering what new steps to take after some changes in your life, this is a great place to start. This workshop will include exploring your various life dimensions, followed by planning steps, and closing 'why you matter.'

Living with the End in Mind  
Julie Swanson is an end of life doula who brings an emergent learning approach to her work. This session is for people who want to have an honest conversation about their mortality. You will leave with provocative questions, meaningful practices, helpful resources, and next steps for how you can live with the end in

You and Your Money: A Dynamic Relationship
Connie Kilmark is a financial counselor, trainer, and speaker on personal money management and life planning. During this workshop, Connie will walk you through the financial aspects of aging.

Keep an eye on this website, our monthly newsletter, our e-newsletter, and Facebook to learn when other workshops will be occurring and how to sign up!