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SAIL Governance and Leadership 

SAIL is a non-profit program of MACCC (Madison Area Continuing Care Consortium) created in 1998. MACCC is comprised of two organizations, Attic Angel Association and Oakwood Lutheran Senior Ministries. These organizations meet and oversee SAIL’s annual budget and strategic plan.
The current MACCC board of directors includes: Rick Bova (Oakwood Village CEO), Mary Ann Drescher (Attic Angel President), Barbara Berven, Barbara Gessner, Jennifer Curliss, and Ruth Marion.   
We invite you to visit the Attic Angel Community and Oakwood Lutheran Senior Ministries websites for more information about their services in our local community.


SAIL Council  
A SAIL Council was created by MACCC in 2010 to oversee the day-to-day operations of SAIL and its membership development. Council members include: Christine Beatty, Dorit Bergen (President), Mary Ann Drescher (MACCC), Tom Evans, Sue Goldstein, Ernie Hanson, Don Haasl (Secretary), Dianne Hopkins, Chris Klotz, Kathleen Larson, Alan Lukazewski, and Bob Topel.                            

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