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Welcome to SAIL


Supporting Active Independent Lives (SAIL) is a vibrant non-profit membership organization of people 55+ who reside in the Dane county area. SAIL members wish to remain active, independent, in their own homes, and socially connected, and have found that navigating the many changes brought on by age is much easier with the resources offered by SAIL.


Membership includes referrals to pre-screened service providers, discounted emergency pendants, daily automated check-in service, house checks, shredding services, wellness services, social events and clubs, member-helping-member volunteer opportunities, discounts to Madison School & Community Recreation (MSCR) programs, Home Health United medical equipment,  quarterly mattress flipping and other member perks!
As a non-profit, we rely on support from our generous donors. This year we received our largest individual donation ever—$10,000 from an anonymous SAIL member! This gift, along with the generous support from all donors has been extremely inspiring! In addition to helping us continue evolving our services and volunteerism, gifts to SAIL enable us to provide service to older adults who have low incomes. Thank you!
The community-at-large has benefited by SAIL-sponsored educational programs and community referrals made throughout the year.



What Members Have to Say
"We can’t say enough good things about SAIL! With our children spread all over the country, it’s so nice to have the feeling of a safety net when and if we need it. And the staff has been so attentive whenever we’ve called, it’s like having a best friend at the ready!”
~Alan and Linda Knox


"I recommend your serious interest in SAIL, if only to know what this wonderful organization provides to help those senior citizens who wish to remain in their own homes in their later years, knowing they have the help they need only a phone call away: I speak from experience. SAIL literally and figuratively has made my life most enjoyable and worry-free since I became a member earlier this year (2012)."
~Shirley B. 


"SAIL is my security blanket. My kids live out of town and it's so comforting for them and me to know SAIL is here for me. The daily check-in is especially important to me since I live alone."  

 ~Faith M.


"Alan (SAIL's personal health coach/pharmacist) saved my life! Thanks to him I found out my potassium level had dropped to a dangerous level and was able to get needed medical attention."

~Donna S.

"I think of SAIL as 'quality of life insurance.' It's nice to know it's there when I need it."

~John M.


Internet Security: What You Need to Know


Internet threats can take quite a variety of forms, and most of them are intended to extract sensitive information from your computer and/or money from your accounts. Learn to protect your computer, personal information, and accounts by recognizing common threats, utilizing effective security software, and employing safe web-browsing and emailing practices. Cris Carpenter from HouseCall Computer Services will present information on this topic to SAIL members.  Join us on September Thursday, September 18 at 2:00 p.m. for an Internet Security Class. This event will be held in the Nakoma/Westmorland Rooms at Oakwood Village, University Woods Campus. This event is open to SAIL members only.


Click here to register today! 




Add Life to Your Life, With Color

Exclusive SAIL-Sponsored Educational / Life-Enriching Seminar


Have you ever had a strong first impression of someone before they even said, “Hello?" Do you suppose that what they were wearing had any impact on your first impressions? How about the color of the clothes they were wearing?


We humans cannot look at color and remain neutral. There is always a response to color, often at a sub-conscious level. Colors are all around us in our everyday life and they are having an impact on how we feel, how we look, and how we respond to others.

What are the predominant colors of the clothing in your closet? How do others respond to you when you wear those colors? How are YOU responding to yourself and to life when you are wearing those colors?  Would you like to have a better understanding of what that impact is so you can use it to your best advantage? To “Add Life to Your Life, With Color?”
Jane Earl, internationally trained color expert, will help us do just that in an exclusive SAIL sponsored life-enriching seminar on the evening of September 23. Join us at 6:45 p.m. to learn more about how and why colors influence us. Enjoy participating in a “show and tell” with live examples and see how you respond. Learn the impact your clothing choices have on your life and those around you.
No matter if you are male or female, there are ways to refresh your closet and/or combine things in new and different way to enhance your life and your well-being. It’s great to look and feel your best. You will learn secrets to expanding your color options without a lot of expense.
There will be time for refreshments and socializing before hand and a chance to win a gift card from Orange Tree Imports for all who attend.
Seating is limited and donations are welcome.

 Supporting Active Independent Lives ~  6201 Mineral Point Road   ~ Madison, WI  53705 ~ ~  (608) 230-4321

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